What is Savitri Art?

Savitri Art emerged from the sacred space of aspiration for inner and outer perfection. The inner perfection for the reception of the highest essence and the outer perfection for the expression of beauty in form. The sangha consists of budding artists from all around India and the world, who collaborated online and meditatively created the Paintings. Manoj, Divyanshi, Archana and Sushanto Da were the core team of people providing feedback. This project has received and is receiving several collaborations, from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Sri Aurobindo Society.

The Genesis

The savitri Art sangha was born on April 2020, after Divyanshi completed Vipassana and approached Usha, Sahana and Padma to paint some of the visions she received during the retreat. Slowly, it evolved into a small intimate group of self-taught learners meditatively creating Art, inspired by Sri Aurobindo's Savitri. The sangha was birthed from a handful of alumni of the online course "Savitri Painting" -that focuses on Painting as a sadhana, primarily focusing on seekers, and not artists. This course took birth during Covid 19, as an online offering to help seekers deepen their journey to their souls, through the power of poetry, art and music.

The Sadhana

The sadhaks immersed themselves in art while drawing inspiration from Huta's paintings as well as her conversations with the Mother. They also met online once a week, to paint together and soak in the power of the collective & share each other’s experiences. Numerous paintings were made, and at times, multiple versions of the same vision, until it embraced a certain level of perfection and expression of the divine beauty. This beautiful journey commenced with the offering of 150 sacred paintings to Auroville for the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo.

The Savitri Artists

Usha Arvind and Padmarani Vandemataram are the pioneers, offering majority of the pieces. Sahana Uppar is the project coordinator & artist. The artists team consists of Namita Bidwaiker, Chirag Rajyaguru, Rama Naicker, Shubashree Savadamuthu, Villoo Pithawala, Beena Parekh, Chaitanya Bonthapally, Subha Sreenivasan Iyer, Ciske Kamila and Jaganmayi Himamshu.